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WHAT are the advantages of e-learning?
  • Flexibility

  • Global accessibility, convenience

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Customization

  • Up-to-date records

  • Flexible supervision of the level of understanding

  • Easy updated content 

  • Express design, modern training organization

  • Opportunity for experience-based education

HOW to implement e-learning?

The implementation of e-learning always involves two-steps:​

Learning Management System

The first step in the process is to implement a learning management system (e.g., Moodle). This ensures that learners have access to e-learning content and their results can be tracked through reports.

The length of an implementation project can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the needs and the level of integration.

e-learning Content

The e-learning content can be created from an internal substance (we recommend our related trainings) or it can be developed by ARTudásmenedzsment experts (see also e-learning content types).

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