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eLearning content development


ARTudásmenedzsment has a Moodle-based complex learning management solution that serves the following needs:

  • unique, customized, modern look

  • synchronize users and permissions from a corporate HR database

  • work field and location-based auto-enrolment

  • tablet and mobile phone access (via applications), possibility of the offline learning process

  • integrated virtual classroom and video conferencing solutions to support synchronous learning events

  • comprehensive administration of the electronic and classroom trainings

  • unlimited number of unique and automated notification emails

  • automatic sharing of training results with HR or another internal system

  • internal communication and knowledge management platform (internal messages, forum, wiki)

  • unlimited number of custom content reports

  • following and managing of the training costs


Our solution includes the basic Moodle system, several plugins created by the development community, and self-developed plugins. As far as we know, our solution is unique in its functionality. Moodle is flexible enough to support changes in training, development and evaluation processes by enabling additional features after implementation.


You can view our training library on our systems here!

Are you interested? Contact us! 

BigBlueButton is a virtual classroom that can be effectively integrated with Moodle. It allows you to maintain virtual global distance education, with an unlimited number of students and without duration limit. How is this different from a video conferencing provider? This program is designed as a virtual classroom, so it includes features that instructors use:

  • supports having several instructors and administrators for an educational session at the same time

  • small groups can be created, and can be separated in virtual space in order not to disturb each other

  • commonly shared white board

  • screen and presentation sharing

  • interactive features.

Sounds interesting? We will happily contact you with a presentation, of course via BigBlueButton.
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