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Learning management system customization and implementation

We help our customers to select and implement their learning management system and integrate it into their existing IT environment (parameter setting, testing, interface development, migration).
Our colleagues have special Moodle LMS expertise. We have customized, introduced, and trained its use in countless projects, and we have also contributed to the improvement and development of the system in several cases.


Learning management system support

Our experts have extensive experience in supporting the operation of learning management systems. Our activities with our partners are controlled by SLA, so the operation of the systems which we support, is predictable and reliable.

There is the option to run an LMS in a "software as a service" design, thus taking over some roles from local IT and significantly speeding up the implementation process.

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Oktatásmenedzsment eszközök üzemeltetése

e-learning content development, localization, and conversion

e-learning contents are classified into the following types:

Rapid e-learning

Fast, linear material with limited interactivity. Usually shorter topics with less significance.

Conventional e-learning content

Interactive content created with  e-learning  software - a wide range of activity is available, and a high degree of interactivity is also feasible.

Gamified content

Highly interactive content that uses playful details and the dynamics of the game. We create a learning structure with a well-thought-out guideline, by which we can increase the motivation and commitment of the students and give a high-level user experience.

Software Simulation

Teaching a software with e-learning. Different levels of interactivity can be achieved, practice and testing can be incorporated. It can also be narrated.

Narrated content

The main information is spoken, whilst the visualization supports the narration with textual highlighting of the point, as well as illustrations, animations and interaction options.

Video content

The learning material is enriched through video recordings, or can consist mainly of videos. It is especially recommended for presentations of physical activities.

Wondering why we prefer interactive learning materials? Check out our simulations!

E-learning tartalom fejlesztés

Our off-the-shelf e-learning content

Annual Training

Our Annual Training e-learning includes courses that must be completed every year. These contain Fire Safety Education and Work Health and Safety Training.

Why is e-learning good in this case?

Because it is flexible, requires no organization and it is efficient.

Home office

The home office has become the norm during the pandemic in organizations where it was not previously planned to be introduced. In our courses, we present the basics of working from home, give you efficiency tips to help you avoid typical mistakes, and try to facilitate successful collaboration between co-workers by recommending useful applications.

BEI - Interview Training

Behavioral Event Interviews (BEI) are an effective and reliable technique for predicting job performance.

Our 3-module eLearning material introduces the BEI technique in detail, and can be mastered completely independently.

Kész e-learning anyagok

e-learning training programmes

In all cases, our training offers education programs based on the active contribution of the participants, written to your requests, according to the prior competency-level  and goals of our customers. Our programs include individual consultation options.

General Training Programs

After our General Training Programs, participants will be able to work confidently in the digital training world, whether they are implementing a learning management system or creating a digital content package.

Our key topics:

  • e-learning methodology

  • e-learning content development

  • Digital content development 

Are you interested in any of our training? Contact us!

E-learning oktatás

e-learning Consultancy

Our highly experienced team members will happily share their experience in implementing an LMS or developing interactive e-learning content. If the required competence is related to a specific topic, we recommend our training programs. If you would like to plan a comprehensive, longer training process or are about to choose an LMS, we recommend holding a discussion with our consulting services.

Our colleagues are available throughout the whole process, from redesigning the training processes, to the appropriate selection of the learning management system, and to providing project management.

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